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Why Doula?

As a labor doula, my responsibilities include sharing information with my clients in a non biased, evidence-based way. So that the parents can make choices free of judgment.

Physically, I can help with comfort measures, and positions for labor and the birth of the baby. I can offer support to partners to help them understand how to help mom and take the guess work out. Like giving a back massage or counter pressure. This way, when the partner wants to be active in the birth, the partner can help mom and help support the bond between them. I am not there to replace any support person. Only to help everyone find a way to stay connected.

Emotionally, I am there from the moment I am hired. I am available via text, email and phone for any questions and concerns that the new parents have. During the birth I am there physically so the parents know they can get immediate feedback and questions answered when they aren’t sure what to do next and what is normal. I am on call after the baby is born to help understanding of bring the new baby home and help dispel some myths and challenges the new parents have.

I give information to help you make an informed choice. Whether it is to agree or to deny the choices you may have. If your care provider suggests a procedure you are unsure of, I can tell you know what questions to ask so you can determine if it is something you are wanting to do or decline. I give you the pros and cons of each possibility and alternative options so that you can make a truly informed consent.


Studies have shown that having a labor doula at your birth

  • 39% decreases in the risk of caesarean

  • 25% reduces labor length

  • 40% reduces the risk of synthetic Pitocin/oxytocin

  • 60% reduces the request for an epidural

  • Increases satisfaction with the birth experience

  • Generates a better bond with the partner 

  • Reduces postpartum depression 

  • Increases bonding with the baby

  • And more