How do you want to remember the day you met your baby?

Your Doula Olga is your birth companion & labor support

Why having a Doula by your side?

Studies have shown that when doulas attend births, labors are shorter, with fewer complications, babies are healthier, and breastfeed more easily.
A birth doula is a companion who supports a birthing person during labor. Birth doulas are trained to provide continuous, one-on-one care, as well as information, physical support, and emotional support to birthing persons and their partners. Their essential role is to provide continuous labor support to the mother, no matter what decisions the mother makes or how she gives birth.


In becoming a doula, I realized quickly it was my mission in life to help new parents through this time. It is a calling in the deepest part of me. I originally am from Russia. Our culture there is to believe in a woman’s natural power to give birth. Imagine my surprise when I found out that here in the United States women are taught so differently. I want to help women understand that they have the right to choose from many options and guide them to find their own strength where it lies. WE are powerful.


Having a baby is a life changing event. I offer professional help with different sorts of questions regarding childbirth.


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“When I was ready to give up (on the way to the hospital) Olga told me to give her a chance for natural pain relief. That is what she did and I cannot believe how much it helped.”

Denice Marin

“I was so fortunate to have Olga as my doula for my daughter’s birth. Her calming techniques during my labor were also awesome in helping me get through some of the rougher parts of my contractions. I really couldn’t have done without her assistance.”

Kimberly Welcome Celestin

“Thanks to my wonderful doula Olga, I was able to achieve my 1st completely unmedicated natural birth.”

Valerie Hurley